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My Name is Jade PraiZe. I am a Singer SongWriter based in Bucks, I accompany myself with Acoustic guitar. I would say my Genre is Alternative PoP -Catchy but not shit ;/ I don't have much to show but I have a lot of songs waiting to be brought to life! I have been playing the guitar for almost 2 years now...played the London Circuit last year. I also played 3 local festivals to me last year; ACBF, Chilli Fest and Thame. But I would love to be part of something bigger this year..

I just got back from LA where I worked with a well known producer- my tracks should be finished real sooN.. then I can get the ball rolling ;/

Lastly I entered a worldwide competition held through an App in mid November and out of over 5,000 people I was in the final 50 (last applicant from the UK). I was 4th when there were only 15 Artists left but unfortunately due to a technicality I was eliminated and so placed 15th.

I have applied for EVERY Festival this year- though most of them doNt take uNsigned Artists I am hoping I get a few gigs for the summer.

My online presence is fairly non existent- so that and getting booked gigs is my main focus for the next few months.

Lifes a stage -Lets get on with The Show ;/

Ok I still have 100 words to go before I reach the minimum so what eLse can I tell you....
I am an eclectic music lover, ranging from Eminem to Elvis.. I always say there are only 2 types of Music
-Good and Bad. My favourite band are The Stones.

I typically work alone. But I have written on two rap tracks; one is a bit more 'old school' the other is Trap rap.
I have finally found my Jade PraiZe sound but as for the writing side- I write ANY Genre. So in regards to the Future I would Love to have my own Album out there.. but some of the songs I've written need a 'Mariah' .. I can only hope that one day I can hear them sung to their full potential.

Thanks for Listening

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Date Saturday 10 February 2018 at 03:00
Address Café 1001, Brick Lane, London, United Kingdom, E1 6QL
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