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JAGAJA (jăg·guh·jaw) is a pseudo palindrome acting as a reflection for the musical co-op of twin brothers Gabriel (bass) and Graham Burkum (guitar). The frontmen split lead vocals and harmonies, creating a sound that is best described as hypnotic yet turbulent, sometimes anthemic, psych-pop punctuated with ruminating, day-dreamy riffs. JAGAJA is the departure from the Burkum’s former endeavor, Skypiper, a power-pop outfit that has been performing since 2007.

The Burkum twins define JAGAJA with a balance between sun-drenched reverie and true earthly aggression. The act is anchored firmly by the two brothers, and realized with support by a variety of musicians.

JAGAJA’s 2016 debut album saw positive acclaim from US College Radio, and publications from Argentina to Japan. The band's subsequent tours included spans across the Midwest and East Coast, including notable festivals Musikfest and Lincoln Calling Festival.

The band has since received licensing interest for their album, providing in-store music and videos for retailers such as Hollister and Beach Bum Tanning, and background music for a Whole Foods social media advert.

Currently, Jagaja is collaborating with Hungarian animator Enikő Szász on a music video for their psych-pop single "Land of Slumber", as well as Omaha director Alex J Matczyszyn on a live-action story for "What Do Ya Got?"


"Melodically, the record equally divides the twins' distinct sounds, with half songs written by Gabe and the other six by Graham." -Impose Magazine

"...Sleek, revved-up and full of attitude, all blending with a drive and energy that remind of late-aughts Phoenix or Tokyo Police Club. Its buzzing, trebly guitars push the throttle while its rhythm section bores straight ahead, creating an assortment of catchy, club-ready numbers. While the production undeniably aids them, its their fraternal chemistry and sun-soaked disposition that help realize this new vision." -Hear Nebraska

"As soon as I looked at the artwork for this album, I knew I was in for a trip. My favorite track would have to be “Puzzle People,” hands down. It’s a true psych-pop tune right down to the core. I’m looking forward to hearing more from this group in the future." -The BIRN (Berklee College of Music)

"Their sound breaks away from what many expect from the Omaha scene... Mixed with instruments and vocals, the brothers blend modern pop with tinges of psychedelia." -Omaha Magazine

"...An album full of catchy new tunes such as lead-off track ‘Puzzle People.'" -Omaha World-Herald

"If what you need is a disc that can accompany you during a morning at work, an afternoon at school, or an 'evening exercise', this is the one... Don't forget to turn up the volume!" -Zone Nights (Argentina)

"May sound a bit strange, but they surely hit you in the right spot (and you'll like it). Here comes the first full movie of the powerful psych-pop twin band." -THISTIME Records (Japan)

"Been listening to the JAGAJA album all day & it's my new fave. Great f**k jams guys!" -Ryan de la Garza, OK Party Comedy




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