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Jake Wild is a mahogany-voiced troubadour, hailing from the festival centre of the South-West - Glastonbury. Drawing inspiration from his own introspection and experiences: reflecting on the unease of moving away from his family, brooding on his own doubts, but also the simple pleasures in life. As well as boasting an eclectic range of influences, including Jeff Buckley, Ben Howard, and Tame Impala, as well as Frank Ocean, Frank Sinatra and Miles Davis, he works prolifically, combining finely honed instrumental and compositional skills with innovative production to create soundscapes described by some listeners as “ethereal” and “hauntingly beautiful”, with “floating guitars...and propulsive synths”.

Jake is a versatile artist; not only does he play guitar and sing, he also drums, and plays bass and keyboard, as well as self-producing his work, and that of his colleagues. "After a while I got frustrated not being able to gig with my band due to not having a drummer" he laments, "Luckily, my brother used to own a kit from when he played. I picked drumming up, and within a year I was playing around Somerset". At that point, expanding his skills seemed like a no-brainer, and he quickly learned how to produce and play on his own recordings. He's also a reliable sideman, alternating between guitar and drums for Floralyn George's moody harp-pop sensibilities, laying down the bass for Jack Ferry's polite pop, and occasionally guesting as drummer with 'Harry & the Krishnas'.

"Much of my material since March is pretty confessional, and a lot of the time draws on the hopes, happenings, and fears of my relationship with my girlfriend" he says, "I'd like to think they're some of the best I've ever written". With songs such as 'These Promises', 'On the Shore' and 'Your', it's hard to disagree, with his warm, rich voice floating atop spacious guitars. On the other hand, earlier compositions are somewhat more brooding; 'Jigsaw' laments the feeling of anxiety, and frustration at not fitting in "like a jigsaw piece", whilst 'Harmony' looks, rose-tinted, at the end of a previous relationship. "I love those songs" he says, "but I'm glad I'm not in the same headspace now".

"I've not yet released any official material" he says, "though that's not to say I don't have a backlog of songs for the future" he mentions wryly, referencing the tales of heartbreak, loss, and new promises, amongst other things, he's been working on tirelessly. "I've always been self-conscious about my music, particularly my voice" Jake admits, "but since I joined Falmouth Uni I've come out of my shell". Which, in this instance, refers to the 20+ compositions he's written. "The music comes easy...the lyrics, not so much!" he laughs, "though I'm always really critical of my words". He hopes to have finalised his debut EP by the spring of 2018.

On top of his own work, his collaborations with Floralyn George have proven fruitful; a European tour is planned for 2018. "We play several of my songs, with lyrics written by Flora or myself, in our set...I like to think they're some of the highlights!"

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Date Saturday 28 October 2017 at 20:00
Address The Jacobs Ladder Inn, Falmouth, United Kingdom, TR11 3BQ

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