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I am a British music creator. I write music under the name of James Delsono in order to uplift the spirit and provide musical solace, which is much needed in this society which is mainly geared towards productivity and often forgets to stop and smell the roses.

Although my music has often been labelled as having a religious or spiritual theme (and whilst this is not technically wrong), I like to think that I use spirituality as a vehicle to communicate a message to people through my music ... a message that things do not necessarily have to be a certain way on this planet, but that, through mutual understanding and love of music and the arts, we can indeed change things for the better, whatever that may mean for all of us peaceful souls.

I am not a performer; I merely create music. Therefore, some of my recordings may sound a little rough around the edges. That is fine with me - I do not have anything near the budget required for studio recordings, etc. I have to trust, therefore, that my music communicates for itself - and hope that you, as listeners, will also agree with me on this one.

Away from music, I enjoy classical music, reading, taking long walks in Nature whenever the surroundings and time permit it, photography, sport and many other endeavours.

I have written a number of tracks, which I hope you will enjoy - including two collections of songs (albums, if you will) called, respectively "Prayer" and "Write About Love".

"Prayer" features, as its first song, my début track "Ave Maria" - the track which I am perhaps most proud of having written.

"Write About Love" relates to a request a friend of mine made to me when I was younger: to write songs about love. It includes songs about many of the different facets of love, including societal, romantic, wordless, divine and unconditional.

I have written also a Christmas song called "Postcards At Christmas", about a man waiting for his wife to come home for Christmas - and a song entitled "Happy New Year".

I hope you enjoy the music I create.

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