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Sounds likeA cross between Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, Chic, Jamiroquai and the Chilli Peppers!

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"James seems on a one man mission to save the planet with as much funk as possible...."
Katherine Harris, SLAP Magazine

Get funked for your Planet :)

Funk and Disco Solo Artist, Lead Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter and Composer, making a guitar based electro, disco, funk, house fusion delivering 21st century social and environmental commentary

There’s only one beautiful place we know of in the universe that we are certain can support our life right now and that we can all live on together.

We can all be superheroes and save it with the choices we make in our lives every day.

James Gittins
#oneplanetonenation can #stoptheextinction


I was lucky to be born into a musical, nature loving family in the latter half of the 70's

​I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s listening to every music genre from blues, rock, soul, disco and pop through to classical at the exciting time when music was moving into the electronic age and punk was emerging. Michael Jackson, Chic, Earth, Wind and Fire and the OJ’s were always high on the list at the wedding discos and Eric Clapton, Gerry Rafferty and Abba were always on in Dad’s car (whilst Mum and Aunty Shirl loved their Wham)

I started playing classical guitar at primary school and played my first concert aged 10 to a packed audience of (two especially) proud parents and carried on through the music grades to Grade 5 before losing interest in the theory. I got my first Electric Guitar when I was 15 and loved writing and playing teenage angst ridden rock and classical music melodies and lyrics at home. I wrote my first complete song on a bus on a French exchange trip somewhere in the Loire Valley when I was 14

At 12 I discovered the world of Hip Hop with De La Soul, a Tribe Called Quest and the Beastie Boys and then found the hidden secrets of the 60s with the Sergeant Pepper album, discovered the Doors and then Hendrix took hold

In 1991 I had my first true dance music experience seeing The Three Deck Wizard DJ Carl Cox, before fully entering the world of Raving, Hardcore and Jungle and having my mind blown by the Prodigy, Rat Pack, Slip Matt and Lime (long before the term Happy Hardcore or DnB had even been thought of). It was at these events that we often headed to the Chill Out Rooms which were playing House Music

When I was 18 and after making a number of bad life choices, I walked away from the Guitar and stopped making music

My passion for virtually every form of music never relented nor did my love of clubbing and dancing to House, Disco and Garage, hitting most of the legendary venues in London during the 90's - Ministry of Sound, Club Ku, Bar Rumba, Camden Palais, Club UK, the list goes on....continuing through the years with music always high on my agenda of any weekend or holiday (especially to Ibiza)

I had been lucky to have enjoyed an awesome life of global adventures, travel, clubbing, concerts, music festivals, business successes, good health, charity, conservation and bucket list ticks. My biggest achievement of all also being my biggest adventure and inspiration, my wonderful daughter Eve

But my guitar never stopped playing inside me. With an increasing frustration at the devastation humans are wreaking on our life support system and my daughters future, I had to pick the guitar up and start making music again and join the growing army of millions wanting to bring about positive change

One day in 2016 I had the lightbulb moment and returned to my musical roots and over 20 years of music starting pouring out of me

And it hasn’t stopped since

James Gittins

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