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Sounds likeBilly Bragg, Noel Gallagher, Bruce Springsteen
LocationSaffron Walden

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Having started playing guitar at fourteen, James had a keen interest in a variety of music growing up. Holding guitarists like Angus Young of Ac/Dc, Slash of Guns N' Roses and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin close to his heart, he spent much of his time playing guitar in his room along to these idols.

He spent his mid teens playing in pop-punk groups before spending nine years playing comedy acoustic under the alias of Rage Against Genital Herpes often using Stephen Lynch as a crutch for shows.

Pulling the curtain down after a final show supporting Professor Elemental in 2014, James then released two EPs of his rebooted solo project under his own name - James White. This was the start of James wanting to use his music to make a difference and make music "from the heart."

Playing just shy of ninety shows in 2016, James released his debut EP, The Lost & Forgotten and his second, Turned On within two months of each other. All monies raised went to refugee related charities following James' stint of volunteering in the infamous Calais Jungle refugee camp.

In 2017, James took time out but still managed to be listed in Glastonbury Festival's prestigious Emerging Talent Competition.

The remainder of 2017 saw James finish writing his third EP and undertake a small tour of Italy, Belgium as well as in the UK. His third EP is to be recorded in Spring 2018.

A proud pro-refugee, anti-racism and equal rights activist, James uses his music to spread awareness of key issues in the current political climate. James has held a talk in Cambridge town centre at an anti-racism rally. James often cites Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine as a particular hero and inspiration for what he does with his music and how he links his views with it.

The music he plays ranges from solely acoustic style protest tracks like "Democracy Hypocrisy" to more indie/americana/blues style within tracks like "Take Me Home." James was also credited by Lead Belly's PR and Management team for his version and use of the old 19th Century song "In The Pines," known as "Where Did You Sleep Laat Night" to many. The video of which uses footage James personally shot on a handheld camera during his second and final stint in the Calais Jungle.

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