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Hello my name is Jerri-leigh Brodie, I’m 22 and come from England (Hastings)

I love to play, write and sing music.

I’m weird, loud and love sad music.. I love atmospheric music that makes your whole world close in white one song.

Yep, that’s the dream! I want to make train music.. the music you listen to and before you know it, you’ve arrived at your destination without realising because your lost in the music!

I’m hoping to record my first EP soon.. so hopefully have something more to share soon.. then again I change my mind a lot, I haven’t found that perfect sound yet, so I’m what many would say a work in progress, but bare with me and we will get there together!

Without sounding too cringy, I do honestly appreciate any kind words of encouragement. I’m a bit a introvert when it comes to my music, I talk myself out of doing a lot because I’m afraid. I’m not ashamed to admit it, my mental health plays havoc for my self esteem and motivation. Although music is my realease, writing, listening, singing.. it’s all my way of coping. I just hope one day, my music can be that for someone else.

My influences? On a more lighter note.. would be people like Justin Bieber, I know I know.. but because I loved him I taught myself guitar, my biggest inspiration for my songwriting and style is the band ‘daughter’ if you haven’t heard of them.. go, listen, now! Also I love artist like Ben Howard, Laura marling, Mumford and sons, Kodaline.

My future? What does it entail? For me I just want to perform as many shows and gigs as I can, hopefully record, find management would be nice, travel more, make more mistakes, learn more lessons, try harder, give up, write more, try again, and hopefully find peace in amongst all of this drama that musicians put them self in, with hopes of people appreciating and enjoying the music we put into the world. So if I’m not your taste, don’t give up. Find someone.

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