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London outfit bridging on the lines of post punk and electronic sounds. Jerry Dibbs corresponds to the alter ego that Joel Sammut uses for his first musical project, leaving out his first steps with his sister at school, and that generalised idea before stepping on Berlin soil, where he combined in his post-punk thoughts and rock'n'roll, is that the city of artists transforms anyone, causing 'For The Night' , his debut single, may have something of the first, but jazz tubing from his unconscious, playing in turn with microsonidos hallucinogens that extend to infinity, whose riffs cause the mind to direct immediately towards Forest Swords, nourishing the experimental passion with vowels that reverberate through the walls of the studio, falling again and again in its own black hole until it resets with a fuzz that ends up swallowing it, eliminating any record of life that has inhabited it until the Next September, when your debut album will be released.

Words by Sergio

In an earlier interview;

"Relocating to London in late 2012 from Sydney was a delightful shock to the system. Surrounded by a bustling art & music scene I found myself with no real time to record or perform between paying the rent. A few years past and I decided I needed a break from the fast pace city I grew to love so much. For 6 months I worked double shifts and saved up as much cash as I could – I then moved to Berlin and made music solely for 8 months. This is where I found Jerry Dibbs and many of the sounds used by the East London outfit today.

Berlin was a place that was chilled enough for me to grow as an artist, ignore what influences I didn't like & take on the ones I did. I came back to London with a direction I think no one has found."

Joel Sammut aka Jerry Dibbs – originally from Sydney Australia, residing in London, England. Influences range from Rowland S Howard, Patti Smith, & Primal Scream to Aphex Twin, Amon Tobin & Modeselektor.

Upcoming Ep releases this September – 2018

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