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Jia Huizhen is a Beijing based synth / singing electronic duo from China , named after the vocalist's name Jia Huizhen.
The group consisted of Jia Huizhen ( the singer-songwriter ) and Yao Sichen ( the producer ) . They started from 2005. So far they have released several Demo records and two LP albums in 2013 and in 2016.

Their debut album is made all by themselves in their bedroom called "Z73 studio" . It was released on November 2013. Then they had toured in China, then disappeared for one year.

They came back to the music sense in 2015 with some new ideas and an old synthesizer (a buchla music box ) .They went making and releasing one single per mouth from March to December and got a lot of attention and support.Then they invited 3 engineers to join them ,a friend from yao’s “synth community” Britain engineer Dom Morley ( mixed 7 songs in ) who won a Grammy Award and had engineered a bunch of their favorite albums got into this project, and later came Sweden engineer Chris Elms ( mixed 3 songs in ) who had worked with many great artist include Bjork - Jia’s biggest hero. And finally the form of electric current was printed out through Mandy Parnell ’s legendary EMI console .

The “electronic music” from is not about robotic,futuristic, super awesome cool sound that electronic music always stands for. is realistic. It’s more about to show how the human emotion interacted with organic and animate electronics."You don't talk to me" is a song got most interested in this album.This song combines Buchla's westcoast sounds with Jia’s beautiful poet singing and even a little 50’s horror movie sound in its ethereality and its sweetness. It says "it’s a song to the introverts and uncommunicative person" in their website.

And now they are working on new materials for the follow-up album. They still want to take "11"'s intention further.And prepare for another tour.

Jia Huizhen's music is influenced by Kate Bush,Bjork,Fever Ray, Nine Inch Nails,David Bowie ,Lou Reed, Lana Del Rey, Hans Zimmer, Alessandro Cortini, etc...and countless noise nerds all over the world.

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