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Jim's songs range from the whimsical to some of the most bitter and somber themes, yet always with a paradoxical childlike spirit that meets them head-on – wide-eyed and full of hopeful energy.

Yes. That's me. I started songwriting a little later than most people, as I neared my first (not first) mid-life crises. This reflected somewhat in my choice of subject. I embrace the mundane, the human, the unrequited. For a long long time, I wrote for myself. Recorded for myself. Then there was MySpace, then there was garageband.com (remember them?). And I met some virtual musical accomplices (most of whom I am still virtual friends with). With their encouragement, I started to self release. Once I started, I couldn't stop. But still, there was no one to listen except my new online chums. I started to think about something terrifying... playing live, but couldn't figure out how to do it. I randomly selected a local folk club, and went along knock-kneed. The experience was so terrifying, I vowed never to do it again. But I did, four years later, and kept at it. I can look back on this now with great personal satisfaction, because, naturally, and gradually, one thing led to another. I kept writing, I gained confidence, people seemed to like me and my music, despite my inabilities. I was invited to play at gigs... eventually, a band was proposed. I got lucky. The band is called Scaredycats, we are awesome, and almost nobody knows, because, as you can imagine, the movers and the shakers are apparently looking for young energetic types, of which there are plenty. I know quite a few myself, they are good, but I humbly say, not as good as Scaredycats. All we want is to play better gigs, that's not much to ask, but we have the potential to go much much further... That's all. 364 words.

Some Songs By Jim Pearson - 2006
Unlucky For Some - 2008
Self Assembly - 2011
Work Anxiety Syndrome - 2013
It Might Never Happen - 2015

All available for free download at http://jimpearson.bandcamp.com/

My book "Fifty Somethings"

Formed Scaredycats in 2015
Dumb Animals - 2017


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