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Sounds likeMumford and Sons, Paolo Nutini, The Beatles
LocationWest Yorkshire

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The “Walk with Me” EP is the first release from JJ Betterman. A collection of original songs written from the heart and worn on the sleeve. The inspiration for music is hard to pinpoint: a childhood in the North East England; world travel, relationships, families, heartache and career have all played their part in creating this music but at its heart, it’s two childhood school-mates who wanted to write some songs people might enjoy listening to, identify with and emotionally relate to.

The music embraces memorable melodies, beautiful lyrics and the joy of vocal harmonies. This is definitely music to sing out loud to!

Recorded in a small room, next to a busy train station in the North of England; four musicians, a single microphone, a treasured, beaten-up Lowden acoustic guitar and five truly unforgettable days.
Uplifting, yet thought provoking, utilising prominent backing vocal harmonies supporting a rich lead vocal and a resonating acoustic guitar. The songs on the EP were all created, recorded, produced and mixed on the day. As a consequence, it has that innocent “Abbey Road - 60s” feel whilst encapsulating the wonderful atmosphere of having a good old sing-song with your friends.

What makes JJ Betterman different? Capturing the melodic spirit of those late 60s and early 70s songs, but brought bang up to date with a style that simply cannot be placed in any one musical genre.

Who Influences our songwriting? Well.., The Beatles, Paul Simon, The Dunwells, Billy Joel, CCR, Mumford and Sons... it's a very long list! - Basically, any artist and genre where an inspiring good tune shines through.

What's next? Encouraging as many people as possible to listen to our songs and share them with others so we can justify getting back in the studio for a second EP release (possibly in November 2018) with an additional single in December 2018.

Ambitions - To keep writing and releasing original material. Secondly and it''s perhaps a pipe dream, but we'd love to get one of our songs featured on Guardians of the Galaxy Volume III!

Many thanks for all your support.

JJ Betterman April 2018

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