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Raised on a diet of musical indulgences from the likes of Beefheart and Velvet Underground whilst trapped on the Wirral Peninsula between the Mersey and the Dee; Jo Mary are currently cultivating a sound. A sound which strays away from the indie nothingness, the white grins and the shit mod aesthetic. Instead they offer up something that sounds like Warhol’s drug parties; a flurried sonic debauchery soaked in a generous helping of fuzz which makes the eyes dilate and the body slump.

Singer, Sam found his love of music when exposed to Radiohead's 'Idioteque' at a young age. Equally mesmerised and terrified by the song, it seems that the track has had a lasting influence and can still be heard in his music to this day, with their sound being one which teeters on the edge of collapse with a brutal intensity.

The whirring riff driven tour de force of Jo Mary is an unstoppable power.
Named ‘The Scouse White Family’ by Quietus editor John Doran when he saw the play the GIT Awards earlier this year, the five piece have become well renowned for their onstage antics and electric live shows which

Forming at school, the band has been an ever evolving collective with the majority of the current line up having lived together in the Jo Mary house. An experience which saw their sound evolve into a completely different beast which vomits out the wild parties, the dark times and for the most part being ridiculously skint.

Already gathering quite the cult following in their hometown and two EP's holstered in their weaponary, the collective is starting to spread it's tentacles a little further and they're ready for global domination

Finalists of Sound Station, Liverpool Echo's Band of the Week, and called one of the best new acts on Merseyside in 2016, and with their debut EP on the way. Jo Mary are ready to explode.

'a coming together of melodic power, reverb-drenched vocals and full-throttle front-footed thrust to create a compellingly urgent sound, laced with bucketload of charisma and attitude. Top marks too for having a band member whose sole responsibility, much like Joel Gion, is to play tambourine and dance dementedly. More of this please.' -Get Into This

‘the band are emerging, Renton-like, from the depths, wading through the plastic bottles and faded crisp packets and coming into their own, the noisy garage jumble they make starting to infect ears on both sides of the Mersey.’ - BidoLito !

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Date Saturday 4 November 2017 at 18:00
Address Invisible Wind Factory, Regent Road, Liverpool, United Kingdom, L3 7DS
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