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The music of Jo-ash Scott is a testament to how the complexities of mental health, bereavement and a less than satisfactory social services system can’t prevent the powerful melody that can rise out of even the most obscure and seemingly hopeless places. And through his music he refuses to be stigmatized by the social inequalities his childhood bestowed upon him.

Despite an unconventional and turbulent childhood where he found himself dumped into the foster-care system at the innocent and tender age of nine, Jo-ash didn’t let his humble beginnings as a Peckham born south-east Londoner hold him back from exploring the vast musical landscape that was available to him.

Not one to follow convention or be boxed in, Jo-ash dominates a plethora of vocal stylings. He writes and sings various genres, showcasing his artistic dexterity. Over time his style has become a soulful and eclectic mix of multi genre magic.

Most recently he completed an internship with XL Recordings, where he learned valuable lessons about the industry he plans to enter. During this time he was given the incredible opportunity to perform for global superstars, The XX. Astonished and impressed by his performance, Oliver, a member of the band labelled Jo-ash as a ‘Superstar’. This praise from a highly talented performer has had the whole XL community buzzing.

As of 2018, Jo-ash won an award for Best Male Singer at the Style And Soul Awards, and has continuously been getting extremely positive support from industry greats. This includes support from a member of the multi-million selling celebrity group Il Divo, and the celebrity DJ Black Madonna.

He is now working hard on his debut EP, and has commercially released the first song from it on March 1 2019! His second single "Higher Ground" comes out on May 31st! It is going to be an exciting year for Jo-ash!

He's already been making an impact with his debut, and Universal Music are taking notice. He has had his debut single added to two of their playlists, and they have selected him to perform at their Great Escape Festival showcase!

There is no doubt that Jo-ash is a star in the making. Not ashamed of his past (or his tweed jackets), you’ll soon catch him belting out his soon to be hits at a venue near you. You can find him making his grand entrance into the world of music at The Great Escape Festival on March 9th 2019!

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