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West-Yorkshire based, Joe Thompson, blends the upbeat, joyous affairs of synth-pop choruses with emotionally charged lyrics, tackling all topics from Post-Brexit hate attacks to mental health. Having played in bands and grown up in and around the indie music scene, when deciding to go solo he wanted to be different. No more soulless indie musings to pander to a young, impressionable audience, he chose to tackle difficult topics and keep his perspective entirely authentic.

In early 2018, he self-released 3 songs from his bedroom, each garnering over 1,000 streams online and positive reception, with his first two gigs having dozens of attendees from the local area. Now working towards the future, the next steps will be to continue playing live, gaining traction, and releasing as much music as physically possible, whilst carving out a unique sound and voice.

Life in 2018 seems like a particularly unique affair. With life expectancy so high, we have ages from 0-100 all having to deal with the same issues. Brexit, Racism, Gun Control, Social Media, Artificial Intelligence; the world is crazy right now, or so it seems, and everyone has something to say about it. I have always felt I've had a lack of a voice growing up. I was a quiet kid in school, and a bit of an outsider in high school and college. Whilst I enjoyed the company of my friends, I also spent a lot of time alone, keeping things to myself, and my thoughts on things. However, my outlet was always music. I could sit up late, and vent my frustrations and feelings into lyrics, although I never had the confidence and ability to share them until now. Now I have a platform to offer my own, entirely unique perspective, on the crazy world we live in.

My influences include artists such as Declan McKenna, with his raw emotional lyrics, to Disasterpeace, who writes soundtracks using these incredible soundscapes and synth sounds. If you like shimmering pop choruses, and the juxtaposition of happy upbeat melodies with serious lyrics, then look no further.

Here's to a fantastic future, and excitement of what's to come!

- Joe

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