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Sounds likeCosmo Pyke, King Krule, frank ocean
LocationLondon Borough of Bromley

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I’m john Oredeko jnr, also known as John Dek0 , I’m an emerging indie alternative artist from Bromley, south east London. I think my sound is very different to a lot of artists, because whatever age or gender , you can vibe to it and close your eyes and just think, my music can make you feel sad or happy, or even both emotions at the same time, I think that’s what I love about my music...it’s like playing Russian roulette, you never know what will happen or how you’ll feel.

Artists that have infulenced me a lot are, Cosmo pyke, king krule, Nas, trippie redd, Frank ocean, sticky fingers and many more. I’ve been writing from such a young age, the first song I ever wrote , I think was after a break up in like year 7/8, that had me mad depressed, so I wrote a song to portray my feelings , because I’m really bad with words.

I never really thought I would be making music, because I have such bad anxiety, but somehow I look past that and forget about all the negative thoughts and feelings, which is good because it allows music to be a gateway out of life, allowing me to be happy more.

When people listen to my music, I want it to inspire them, I want it to make them think and I want it to paint a picture in their mind. Why a picture you may ask...well because I think everybody is a form of artist, and I want my music to add colour to their art. I want my music to make them feel different kind of ways, not just one.

I’m from south east London , where it’s a lot different to other bits of London, because there’s different people and you never know what to expect to see, maybe good , maybe bad...but I try to get the good out of everything, and hopefully if I make it somewhere in the music industry, I can help out my family, my area and my friends who may be stuck in life, and don’t know what path to go in.

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