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Jon Hartz Wild singer/songwriter, guitarist and pianist based in London, an original artist and occasional session player. Originating from Shropshire, from the age of 15 he started to play in bands in the midlands and during this time studied classical piano and music production. Ever since he was a teenager music has been a huge inspiration and passion in Jon's life.

Jon Hartz Wild's music takes inspiration from many different musical styles and he creates his own alternative hard rock sound. Since May 2017 Jon has been working on his debut solo album. The album has just been finished and he is aiming to release soon. Jon has written and recorded all the instruments and vocals on this album and is looking for musicians to join this project for live performances.

Lyrically the songs are made of darker themes with topics including love, loss, desire, conformity and dreams. As a vocalist Jon try to express a lot of emotion into his songs. The Guitar is experimental and takes influence from the Cult, Guns N' Roses, Rage Against Machine along with more modern influence including Kings of Leon, Muse and Queens of the Stone Age. Jon is an energetic performer and aims to bring out his passion in his music.

Previously Jon played in alternative rock band Romance (Universal) as lead guitarist and released original material and toured UK, Europe, Japan and supported The Cult wikipedia.org/wiki/Romance_(band)
"R O M A N C E will be your new favourite band." NME Magazine
Romance were together for 6 years before eventually breaking up in September 2016.

Jon Hartz Wild also works on a conceptual music video project The Director’s Cuts www.thedirectorscuts.com. This is an experimental industrial/hard rock project with cinematic videos. Jon performs lead vocals and co-writes the songs with Peter Pahor. Each song in this project is released with a conceptual music video and includes similar lyrical themes as his solo work.

‘Over the years I have developed my own singing style and aim to keep creating music as a solo artist along with collaborating with other artists. I like to try new things and am always searching for new inspiration. I think it is most important as a musician to be yourself and hope your art and music connects with others. I find music is the best way for me to express myself and share my view with the world’.

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Date Saturday 7 October 2017 at 19:00
Address Slim Jim's Liquor Store, Upper Street, London, United Kingdom, N1 1QN
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