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“What a gift! Juha is brilliant. Juha is genius.”
- Marc Almond

"We hang out with a lot of mental health patients, struggling addicts, punks, queers, and international freedom fighters. Those are exactly the kind of people we dig having in the front row."
- Collin Clay Chace, Juha frontman

Juha began as a hip hop crew in Hawaii and is now a socially conscious sonic stewpot of alternative pop based in London… or, “The sound of Prince and Manu Chao kissing.” Song topics range from human rights to mental health to good ol’ fashioned sexy sleaze. The current single is “Every Step You Take Is A Migration,” Juha's pro-refugee anthem and party music for the Brexit blues.

Collin Clay Chace: Frontman
Jane Hall: Keyboards
Fernando Lopez : Guitar

Juha's 'Polari' album – fusing elements of Middle Eastern, Hawaiian, and punk music over a hip hop back-drop - gained a cult following as it scampered to #1 on the Outvoice chart, eventually receiving the Outvoice Album of the Year award. Following that with 'The Grooms of God' and 'Stomach' EP, frontman Collin Clay Chace was chosen as one of the “8 Rappers Worth Your Headphones” by Colorlines Magazine. Additional singles have included "Bloodstains and a Crow" - addressing an epidemic of teen suicides - and a cover of Nina Simone's "Be My Husband," with lyrics tweaked for the age of marriage equality.

In addition to Chace (US-born, permanent UK resident), this incarnation of Juha brings in London native Jane Hall on keyboards and guitarist Fernando Lopez, who arrived in London from Spain via Brazil via Argentina. Asked one fan: "How did you three meet? You look like three people who aren't supposed to know each other." Juha likes it like that.

Juha has played at venues and festivals including: Citadel; the Cowley Club; Funk the Borders; Kopi Squat; VegFest Bristol; the Royal Vauxhall Tavern; and Water Rats. The goal of a Juha gig: that when you leave you’re even more in Love with yourself than when you came in.

“Every Step You Take Is A Migration” is currently available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and all major digital outlets. It's the lead single from the upcoming album (working title, 'Ashes On The Dancefloor') which lands in August 2018.

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