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Juliet Knows is a danish pop act established in 2014 consisting of Jonathan Asvig Hansen (drums), Kristian Kristensen (guitar), Kasper Hansen (bass) and Sebastian Graven (vocals/guitar). The group met at music school in their late teens and are now running on their 5th year together.

Being from four different cities in Denmark with four different musical backgrounds the group shared a mutual joy for writing classic pop/rock songs. With their debut concert being at a local talent show the band was fully established which followed two years of local and national gigs playing their energetic pop/rock songs. But in the year 2017 the band re-invented their sound which lead to their debut EP “Change” released in November the same year on Soundcloud. Their song “Alone With Me” was soon added to the playlist “New Pop” on the national radio of Denmark’s popular platform ’KarrieKanonen’.
Since then the band have played around about Denmark including the infamous venues in both Copenhagen and Aarhus such as Rust, Huset Kbh, Train and Voxhall.

But the journey hasn’t been without bumps on the road. With the band mates living at four different places in Denmark the band had to travel far for rehearsals. And with both family and friends at home and high school nevertheless the band has been challenged. There hasn’t always been the time and money to travel the distance for a rehearsal or writing session. This has lead to the band moving to Copenhagen in the summer of 2019 to live together and be at the center of music in Denmark - hopefully opening new doors for the young determined band.

Juliet Knows is a music act with the pursuit of creating the soundtrack to peoples lives. Their music is immediate and devoting. Delicate and compelling. Juliet Knows is a band of the decade being versatile and ever-changing. Why the band is a perfect match for the music scene in the year of 2019.

With a self-produced sound that could only be described as catchy and compelling Juliet Knows bring their offer to the modern, alternative pop scene - auditorily and also visually. Writing pop songs which blend various genres in a mix of electronic and organic elements Juliet Knows is a proof that genre is dead. The energy and dedication that is shown in this comfortable sound scape with devoted melodies and glittering production constitutes a strong band that is definitely going to affect the modern music scene in the near future.

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