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Just In Cage is an alternative rock band from Sofia, Bulgaria. The band was formed in 2018 by Georgi Georgiev and Jaklen Alfandari (ex “Deficit” and “Any Day Now” members) who founded a new band with friends of friends. That's how they found their drummer Boris Krastev (ex “Dime”). Soon they started making music, at first without a vocalist until March 2018, when they discovered their voice in the face of Preslava Andreeva, a pop singer who dreamed of being a part of a rock band. The name “Just in Cage” came later not only as a homonym to “Just in case” but hinting to the philosophy of the new age’s mind limitations. Freedom and the deception of modern-day life are main topics in their lyrics.
Their first single “Ghost”, released on September 2018, started gaining immense interest around the world. The song was broadcasted on radio stations in Bulgaria, Singapore, Bogota, New Zealand, United States of America and the United Kingdom. “Ghost” became a part of a special edition of The New Music Foodtruck`s Halloween radio show, broadcasted over 16 radio stations around the globe. The single is available on all major streaming platforms including YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Deezer, Amazon Music, Shazam etc.
After the release of Just In Cage’s first single, Bobi Iovkov – former guitarist and singer of the Bulgarian indie band “Drunch” joined the band. After becoming a quintet, Just In Cage are preparing to record and release a second single and started planning a video. Focused on their full EP, they just began their stage performances on the Bulgarian Next Rockstar vol. 2. The band is organising their first concert on 14th of December in Sofia’s “Tri Ushi” club. They already have 6 original songs and are working on new projects. Fans go crazy for Just in Cage’s unique style. It can be described as alternative rock, but their music fuses many elements of jazz, punk, metal and grunge. Their influences are Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Flyleaf, Garbage, In this moment, Twenty One Pilots and many more. As a new band, Just in Cage are searching for their true fans and hope to find them around the world. Their collective dream is to be part of festivals and gigs out of their home town, perhaps around the world one day.

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Date Sunday 24 March 2019 at 17:35
Address Rock’n Rolla Bar & Club, ulitsa "Graf Ignatiev" 1, 1000 Sofia, България, 1000

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