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"Controlled chaos."

That's pretty much what defines me .

I don't try to fit in to what is expected of me because I find that only deminishes ones full potential.

I equally don't try, not to fit in for the sake of appearing edgy or deep cause that only sends weird and inauthentic messages that aren't congruent with honesty.

What I do try however, is to create environments creatively, that are as close as possible to the sounds and visions I have in mind or experience, regardless if their comfortable or uncomfortable, to create a somewhat honest depiction of how my journey is progressing.

The stories and messages I am interested in conveying have always stemmed from the ide of growth. Deep down I believe all that people regardless of background, uppbringing, status, education, gender, sexuality and race strive to experience true freedom in life, fearlessness and fulfillment.

I am cheezy AF, I know.
Perhaps one of the cheeziest individuals I've had the chans to be aquatinted with, but I don't really give any "F"s because those words and philosophies are pretty much the once I live by.

Words I want other people to remind me of when I forget, that my idols and influences repeatedly preach and that I now respectfully choose to forward in my own fashion.

And that's good enough for me.

Is this good enough for you?

Influenced by artists like: Travis Scott, M.I.A and Post Malone

PS. This part is a filler because I'm forced to include at least 350 words in this short description. Haha nope! Hope you understand. Im a man of few words.

DS. I love lamp.

// Kevin

Hint of future reviews and comments:

"Has Kanye West finally met his match?" - NME

"His S*** is LIT! I F*** with that." - Travis Scott (La Flame)

"Me and MJ are rooting for you up here, you go girl!" - The Artist Formerly Known As Prince

"Please don't touch my bag" - Frank Ocean

" I'll give him a strong 4 of 10, I just feel that he is to self centered for my taste and doesn't really add that much value to hip hop or music in general" - The Needle Drop

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