Kicking Seagulls

Sounds likePunk/Ska/Social Commentary
LocationNorth Wales

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Kicking Seagulls - Debut Single 'All Aboard' out Jan 2019 - Taken from "Demonstration" EP out 2019.

Kicking Seagulls: Punk/Ska/Rock 'n' Roll/Social Commentary.

Formed 2018 near Talacre Beach, NW

“It sounds like, you know, cheap sweaty fun, kinda blood and poetry and an elevating skank for the first time on BBC Radio Wales, Kicking Seagulls....” – Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales 01.12.18

Rising like a gull-faced phoenix from the ashes of long forgotten Punk bands... 'Kicking Seagulls' spit social commentary around Seaside Towns and steal chips.

More intrepid and audacious than any pasty stealing seagull with more hooks than a long line!
Kicking Seagulls champion and frequent Seaside Towns...hide your black bins!

Kicking Seagulls Are:

Terry Seagull - Guitar/Vox, Tony Seagull - Drums/Vox, Andy Seagull - Bass/Vox.

Kicking Seagulls are releasing one album. The first single 'All Aboard' (Released Globally 20.01.2019) then our 'Demonstration' EP drops Summer 2019. Album TBC.

The Approach is simple: We Play Rock n Roll, Punk, Ska. We have fun playing the music we love and we make no apologies for it. Kicking Seagulls spit Social Commentary:

"I live on a tree-lined street, I watch the BBC, come and talk about the weather or whatever with me!" - Public at Large - Kicking Seagulls - Taken form the " Demonstration EP (to be released Summer 2019).

Lyrically - Kicking Seagulls provide a 'screen shot' of modern life in the UK. Our Debut Single 'All Aboard
covers the frustration and irritation of being on public transport with narcissistic millennial yobs talking about how 'hard' they are in a loud and annoying way for the benefit of everyone else. People who walk with their phone in the air like they are in the car on 'The Apprentice'. The fact that once we were the guys throwing bottles in the street and now... lay in bed wondering - " Did we put out the bins again?' First world problems and observational real life comedy drives what we do.

"Monday morning back on the train, there's no sign of that boy again. He's got a car now he's got a job -
the gentrification of our yob!" - All Aboard - Kicking Seagulls 20.01.2019

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