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Kids At Midnight is Australian singer songwriter/producer Jane Elizabeth Hanley. Just a small town girl known for cinematic vocals and swirling production she makes all her dreamy releases in the spare room. With her 80’s inspired indie synth pop, the now Melbourne based artist has carved out for herself a popular place within the fabric of the Australian industry. Her previous releases on her own label ‘Square Pleasure’ garnering over 2 million streams on Spotify and national radio play on Triple J.

Learning guitar by watching Oasis concert videos, a young Kids At Midnight honed her love of classic pop with early earnest acoustic romanti-jams. But the lure of electronic warmth and the dangerous world of computers would lead her to betray her indie roots and start a journey on Ableton that would change her music forever.

“I’d started to make music with a production partner and we kicked ass...but I knew the big red dot on ProTools meant record and that’s all I could’ve told you. When my partner had a huge life change and wanted to quit music, my life felt like it was over! What am I meant to do now... I felt sorry for myself for a bit and then just went “Well Jane, you’d better learn how to produce then.” And that’s the very unglamorous roadmap of me becoming a producer.”

If we can possibly crave a lump in the throat, if there's desire deep in us to be moved by sentimentality, then there's a voice from the windswept southern coast who's found her calling. Kids At Midnight works quietly in her Brunswick apartment manifesting moments of teen romance and pastel colours, high school socials and heartbreaking first loves. Every note & every beat pristinely directed with the flair of a John Hughes film. But outside of the epic choruses and grandiose tones, the intelligent phrasing of Jane Hanley's vocals make her tunes truly unique and instantly recognisable. Having established fine regard with taste makers in Australian radio and streaming, the forthcoming album is already conjuring anticipation.

Unabashedly honest, full of drama and sounding like your favourite soundtrack to an 80s movie you never remember seeing, Kids At Midnight’s sound is joyful, melancholic and singable.

Kids At Midnight’s Debut album is out in 2019.

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