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Hi, my name's Hannah and I'm the lead singer of King Hannah. We're from Liverpool, there's 4 of us and we play music because we love to.

Hannah Merrick - Singer and Rhythm Guitar
Craig Whittle - Guitar
Dylan Gorman - Bass Guitar
Jake Lipiec - Drums

I remember growing up in the 90's and hearing bands like Portishead and Alanis Morissette coming from my big sister's bedroom and absolutely loving them. Without a doubt, those early influences have aided our musical style; long intros, long outros, songs that seem to last forever, guitar solos, hooky bass lines and a Lana Del Ray and Mazzy Star-like drowsy, lazy vocal style.
One of our aims as a band is for people to want to see us live, solely from hearing a track alone, whether that be via streaming, downloading or radio - we consider ourselves a 'live' band for sure.

I remember when 'heroine chic' was in fashion, it raided the likes of Vogue and Dazed and Confused Magazine. Looking back, it was actually incredibly unhealthy and I'm glad I never got sucked in too far (and I'm also glad it's not the height of fashion anymore), though that cool, candid, DIY, ruthless, 90's attitude and imagery was something I loved and still love today. Images such as 'Standing Outside Looking Moody' for example was an idea I stole from Juergen Teller's 'Go Sees' collection. Thankfully this art style compliments our music well.

Lyrically, I love writing about incredibly mundane, day-to-day stuff, like butter. I've a line in a song that's about the sort of butter Craig likes on his toast. I've also a line about a pair of sold-out shoes that I really want but can't get hold of. I find it so much easier writing this way, about what I did last weekend for example, or how I'm struggling to cover my new-found grey hairs, I've no idea why, I just do.
Instrumentally, I take the 'backbone' of the track to practice and from there the boys add their parts. We trust each other's ear and I think it's incredibly important to inject space and time into a song, which means encouraging and trusting eachother's input, which I think we do well. A track might take 1 week or a track might take 1 year, it doesn't matter as long as everyone's happy and everyone likes the end result.

Mainly, The War on Drugs, Portishead, Radiohead, Mazzy Star, Kurt Vile, Courtney Barnett, though so so many more.

Lo-fi, fuzzy, sound-scapey, 90's, mesmerising, dreamy, americana, spellbinding.

“Reminds me of a modern view of say Grace Slick in early Jefferson Airplane, or the band It’s A Beautiful Day…I like this music of yours. Genuinely unique sound, very honest and real and not trying to copy the exact style of the day…which always bores me alot! Well done in other words” - Gordon Raphael (The Strokes)

"So beautiful. Love the simplicity of your vocals" - Lapsley

"Spellbinding" - Amazing Radio

“You’re definitely onto a good thing” - Dan Cox, Producer (Laura Marling, Tom O’Dell, Florence and the Machine)

“Love your voice - and the moods you create with the songs - dark and brewding with a sense of hope really like them” - Danny Woodward (Circa Waves)

“A Voice that silences the growing crowd and is a bewitching certain star in the making.” “Mesmeric, beautiful, dark and strange” - Gig Slutz

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