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Late Night Legacy are a high energy Rock Funk band unlike any other due to their explosive live shows and unrivalled musicianship. Heavily influenced by the likes of Incubus and Red Hot Chili Peppers, Late Night Legacy are a breath of fresh air. Catchy, melodic riffs married with a blazing stage presence and memorable hooks produce a powerful, dynamic, innovative band.

“Creating a huge stir in the rock world, Late Night Legacy are a band going places“. Down the front media

Their live performances explode with swaggering raw energy. The relentless, break beat drums and slap bass are overlaid decisively with heart-stopping guitar riffs to create an undeniable funk rock. The vocals are a beautiful mix of pure power and at times laid-back serenity. Their fearless, dynamic act fronted by their charismatic lead singer evokes a spontaneous visceral response leaving the crowd mesmerised by their uncompromising stage presence. Their shows are often compared to the high visual intensity of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, extraordinary vocal power of Rival Sons, and catchy melodic riffs reminiscent of the great Jimi Hendrix and John Frusciante.

Their crowd-pleasing, winning performance at the Battle of the Bands gained them a live gig slot at the Leeds First Direct Arena opening for Duran Duran to Industry V.I.P.s. Following this and subsequent great live performances they were booked to play 100s's of festival stages over the past two years alongside the likes of Maximo Park, The Lightning Seeds, The Ordinary Boys, The Sherlocks, The Fratellis and Reef.

Late Night Legacy are fast becoming one of the most sought after bands in the north of England with a rapidly growing and loyal fan-base.

Vocalist/Frontman Ryan Kitto said “Music has always been a fundamental factor in my life, it’s there for me when I’m sad, It’s there when I’m happy, It’s there when you need to escape or when you need to find yourself. Late Night Legacy to me is an artistic release, a brotherhood of creativity, soul and friendship.”

Discussing the band’s writing process, Rob Orange said, “We don’t set out with a predetermined idea of what this band should sound like. We write what feels true to us. It’s instinctive, intuitive but most of all exhilarating as we craft together an original sound drawing on our different styles and influences.

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Date Friday 1 December 2017 at 19:00
Address The Bread Shed, Manchester, United Kingdom, M1 7HL
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