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LEOPLD, is a band consisting of two members - Jakob from Stockholm (Sweden), and Tom from Manchester (UK). Growing up in these two cities with such a rich musical history, it is no surprise that the music is electronic rock/pop influenced by 80s/90s synth and electro pop. Bands such as Depeche Mode, New Order, Tears for Fears, The Cure and more recent acts such as OASIS, A Perfect Circle, MUSE, Røyksopp and The 1975 have all influenced LEOPLD's sound.

The band released it's first EP, 'Friend in the Desolate Time' in late 2017, recorded completely in Sweden. This was swiftly followed up with the singles, 'The Code' (recorded in Georgia), and 'All Through Eternity' (recorded in Lebanon). The latter was a collaboration with a Lebanese singer and mixed classical Arabic lyrics/vocals and instruments with electronic beats and English. The song was inspired by the band's experience of living in various parts of the Middle East.

In February 2019, LEOPLD released their second EP, 'Mirage', with five new songs. As implied by the title, the theme running throughout the songs is that things may not always be what they seem. Whilst tackling darker topics such as death and insecurity, the music and lyrics are powerful and contain strong messages of empowerment.

LEOPLD's music combines a rich range of sounds. blending instrumental and electronic together, over-layed with sincere, vivid lyrics based on real experiences of the band - both good and bad. Telling a personal story through each song is important for the band, and listeners can often find ways to relate in some way or another.

Given the electronic basis for much of LEOPLD's music, a number of tracks have/are being remixed for club use, particularly deep house.

Despite 'Mirage' only being released less than a month ago, the band are already working on new music with plans to record again this summer ahead of live performances scheduled for the end of the year in Europe and Asia. They will also be recording acoustic versions of a selection of songs, stripping out the electronic beats and samples and leaving just piano, guitar and strings. So a busy year ahead!

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