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Emerging from the flames of a tumultuous journey of self-discovery, LIEZA boldly stepped into her newly formed alias as a bonafide artist through a curtain of raw catchy melodies and shimmery backbeats. LIEZA had written for years on her own, trudging through the trenches of the industry while simultaneously trying to find a home between Texas, London and Nashville. She finally found her sound after partnering with Grammy award winning writer and producer Femke. Her lyrical honesty reflects her insecurities and organic emotions and create an unspoken bond between the artist and the audience. The sparkling beats blended with acoustic and electronic elements in her music to have influential notes from Banks , Lorde, and Ed Sheeran.

Her debut track Eyeliner is a colorful masterpiece that will take you on a journey, making you want to put this song on repeat.

LIEZA says....“Eyeliner is that anthem that you sing to yourself in the mirror when you’ve had a bad day and you’ve forgotten what makes you unique, what makes you strong. Everyone’s got that thing that makes him or her special, whether it’s makeup, or your intelligence, or your favorite pair of jeans. Put on your ‘eyeliner’, whatever armor that may be for you, and then go out and take on the world......”​

Combined with the artwork of another Nashville hidden gem, Ashley Manno, we know that the song Eyeliner will take these emerging artists and put them in the spotlight where we feel they belong.

LIEZA's upcoming releases include new tracks Don't Make Me Dance and soulful track Hate Me, which are set to release later this year.

Don't Make Me Dance will bring the acoustic side out of LIEZA's electric pop sound, while commenting on her troubled past with falling back in love with the wrong person, and reminding all to have the courage and wisdom to stand up for themselves, and stop something ultimately tragic before its gone too far.

Highly anticipated Hate Me, which will release later this year, was written around an experience that LIEZA had and knew she was not alone in having. We all can relate to the experience of a perfect stranger having a bad day and putting their anger on someone else in the form of a hateful comment. Channeling that feeling it gave her, and after a much needed cry, LIEZA took to writing and Hate Me was created. Hate Me is for all the people who need encouragement in the face of those trying to tear them down.

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Date Thursday 5 October 2017 at 23:08
Address The Country, 28th Avenue North, Nashville, TN, United States, 37203

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