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"Our favourite shoegaze band from India, Lo! Peninsula is an amazing story. Totally DIY and worth celebrating and supporting." - John Richards, KEXP

"Named after a business card they found in a guitar amplifier, they've just self-released an EP called AKA Lo! Peninsula. It's a document crammed full of catchy melodies, swirling guitars, bluesy bass runs, and driving drum beats. It was recorded by an aspiring engineer and producer in Northeast India, a region forgotten by a government whose antiquated laws have given free reign to a powerful military empowered to stamp out insurgencies." - Owen Murphy, KEXP

Lo! Peninsula are a three-piece shoegaze/dream pop/psych rock band based in Imphal, Manipur, India, comprising of Nitin Shamurailatpam (vocals and guitar), Avinash Thokchom (bass) and Jyotin Elangbam (drums). Following its debut single ‘Chasing Tidal Waves’ which was released in July, 2017, Lo! Peninsula released their self-produced six-track debut EP titled AKA Lo Peninsula on the 18th of August 2018. In the succinct words of the band itself the songs are a reflection of “a catharsis of the existential crisis that we have been facing since the band was formed”.

In April of 2017 they decided to come together to start writing songs without confining themselves to any specific genre known to them (indie rock, post-punk, alternative rock, Britpop). Without much sense of direction they started jamming for days and merely three months hence they managed to record their debut single ‘Chasing Tidal Waves’ with the help of one of their friends, Sudip Kongbrailatpam, who later helped them release their debut EP AKA Lo Peninsula.

The recording of their debut EP did not come easy. They had to put work on hold whenever there was a power outage or public curfew, both common in Manipur. Following connoted struggles and sacrifices they finally completed it along with an accompanied video of the song ‘Another Divine Joke’ which earn them little victories like, being selected as Editor's pick by Rolling Stones India and getting featured in music blogs like Primal Music Blog & Primal Radio, Obscure Sound, and being selected as Video of The Day on music sites like White Light//White Heat.

For inquiries: lopeninsulaband@gmail.com

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