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Lost Like Alice is the latest project from Singer-Songwriter Ben Parker.

Ben has been performing and writing since the age of 11, playing songs all over Wales and other parts of the UK.

'Lost Like Alice' is a mix of his love for blues music and the more heartfelt. Ben has been performing all over the country in 2017, playing acoustically in Manchester, Aberystwyth, Chester and other parts of Wales and the UK. Ben has radio play with 'Lost Like Alice' in Wales, Australia, America, Canada and other parts of the U.K.

He has just put out the debut ep for 'Lost Like Alice' which is called 'Thread'.

(Interview from Nexus Music Blog)

How did you get into music when you were growing up?
When I was 11, my brother gave me his first ever guitar for my birthday. (It’s a Squire Telecaster that I still own). From there my Dad showed me a few chords and I kind of just taught myself from there, would practise any chance I got. Soon after I started to write my own songs and started playing at open mic nights. By the time I was 12/13 I was gigging regularly around my local music scene. I remember always wanting to be able to write enough songs so that I didn’t have to play covers anymore, so that’s what I did.

What made you turn your attention to Lost Like Alice?

For the majority of my time as a performer, I have been a solo artist. Lost Like Alice came about when I had started to perform regularly with a friend of mine who played the cahon alongside me, and we started to record some demos of songs that I had written, some of which became ‘Thread’. After a while, we both decided to do different things so I reverted back to being a solo artist. The name Lost Like Alice kind of just stuck. I like the freedom it gives me. I feel that I can release all kinds of different genres, without being pigeon holed as an acoustic singer songwriter. My music listening taste is really broad and wanted my own music to be the same.

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