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From his beginnings as the outcast in the music class, Louis Coupe has forged his own path through a sheer passion for music. It was a surprise ticket to see Elton John that saw the then 12-year-old instantly obsessed with the music of the greats - The Beatles, The Stones, ELO. Sat for hours searching for internet video tutorials, Louis set about teaching himself any instrument he could find.

Discovering his home playing in bands from the age of 16, Louis found himself touring the local pub circuit as well as the UK, honing his craft anywhere that would take him - anything from clubs, boats, living rooms to arenas. Now 22, his extensive time earning his stripes out on the road, as well as a rebellious and maverick attitude to music keeps him grounded with a distinct disregard for any musical ‘rulebook’ - an ethos he stays firmly true to.

Contrasting his confident and dynamic live show, Louis’ writing encompasses a frank and cynical perspective on his life, from honest discussions on relationships and anxiety, to ironic conversations around his existence, showing a quiet and vulnerable side to the energetic frontman. Taking influence from a huge range of music from the lo-fi vibes of Bon Iver and Jeff Buckley, to the eclectic sounds and melodies akin to the likes of Bowie and Father John Misty, Louis fashions together a diverse and experimental, yet classic sound, channelling all the egos and authenticity of his historical counterparts.

Following supports slots for the likes of Fatherson, The Xcerts and Dave Keuning (The Killers) Louis released his highly anticipated debut single 'Puppet' in June 2018. The song shows his vulnerability, acting as a form of therapy for Louis during a period of what he describes as “being lost in a downward spiral of drinking” and questioning everything in society. The song leads to acknowledgement, acceptance and hope conquering and addressing his own personal weaknesses by opening up to confide in others, 'Puppet' demonstrates we all have weaknesses and are all just trying to get somewhere. The song was supported by a self-directed music video.

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