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“A band who can harmonise like a dream but still bring the humour. Hats off!”
— Sofar Sounds London

The duo LOZT (pronounced ‘lost’) comprises Lauren Scudder from Orange County, California, and Tom Ryder from London, UK. Both solo acts in their own right, the pair have come together to blend genres, voices and cultures. In the past few months LOZT has performed in notable venues around the UK and are in the midst of recording their debut EP with producers Stu Hanna, Dave Gerard and double Grammy winner Robbie Nelson. An evening with LOZT brings plenty of chemistry, emotion and more than a few laughs. Expect soulful Americana with strong harmonies and witty, heartfelt lyrics.

The name LOZT is inspired from us both being ‘lost’ travelers from opposite sides of the globe, and is also a nod to our passion and commitment to promoting mindfulness and wellbeing for people from all walks of life. With so much music being consumed via online and streaming sources, we believe that a bit of the humanity and connectedness has been lost. To address this, we aim to spread our music through live performances, face-to-face with our audience as much as possible. We have shared our time and resources with community organisation Retune and schools throughout the UK. People can feel lost in so many ways and we hope to be a voice for those who are finding their way.

We have both grown a lot in order to be the people we are today and have had our own journeys before we met each other. When we became friends it felt like we were both at a vulnerable point in our lives where neither of us were completely sure what the next steps were. Once we started to write and sing as a duo, things started to piece themselves together. It feels special to be able to draw music and lyrics from not only our shared experiences, but from our individual trials and tribulations. We found each other at just the right time, and this experience hasn’t all been easy but there is no doubt that it is all worth it.

Our songs are designed to tell relatable stories with alternative perspectives. The 'I Want You' EP which will be released in summer 2018 will feature three songs. The track 'Quake' expresses the aftershocks of conflict that linger till equilibrium is restored. 'Change My Mind' tells a story of disloyalty yet musically expresses the sense of joy and empowerment that emerges from self-respect. Lastly, 'I Want You' is a declaration of affection in the face of separation beyond one's control.

The 'I Want You' EP started in response to feedback from our live gigs. We selected the songs that resonated most with our audience and we are now dedicated to making those tracks the best that they can be. We are recording the EP during our Pledge Music Campaign. Supporters are invited to pre-order the EP, merchandise and other exclusive items. After the EP release this summer we will be playing a set of shows in our native stomping grounds: England and California.

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