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Psych folk made in London. Space jams y'all.

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19/10/17 - The Dublin Castle, Camden
18/11/17 - Acklam Market, Portobello Road

Luna Neptune was formed by Larissa who grew up in Scotland playing celtic harp. A love of folk music, loud guitars and atmospheric electronic music sparked an idea for a space influenced psych folk band. Larissa had been writing acoustic songs over the space of a few years and then had a daydream and thought, what would it sound like if i blasted these songs into space and then transmitted them back to Earth? Luna Neptune became that experiment and exploration.

Luna Neptune has been gigging around London playing a solo artist with backing tracks since December 2016 - a gig at the Dublin Castle in Camden earlier in the year lead to her meeting Ed and Toby who have now joined the band.

Debut EP, 5th Moon EP was self-recorded at Larissa's home studio in East London. Another self-recorded solo EP is currently in production , and the first full band EP, Supernatural Smut EP is being recorded in January 2018.

The new, as yet unnamed, 3 track EP featuring tracks, Elspeth & Elijah, The Illustrious Pen Thief, The World Goes Round a Strange Corner - politically charged, the record takes traditional folk song structure and modernizes with glitch beats and spacious sci-fi influenced synths. This not only gives a fresh take on an age old song writing style but also amplifies the EP’s central questions – why is it that as life starts to expand through technology, that we as a society always returns to destructive patterns such as racism and following deranged leaders? Why do we continue to fall for propaganda and the scapegoating of vulnerable communities? Why does every generation keep having to fight the same old evils time and again? What is it going to take for us a species to leave this old cycle behind once and for all?!

Luna Neptune's track Stalks and Seeds is played frequently on American radio station Soho Radio and Mattrix Radio. She headlined The Dear Damsel's Get Together in June 2017.


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