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Lupa are an Electronic Rock Music (ERM) 4-piece band with a sound best described as the angry rock-obsessed lovechild of Paramore and Chase and Status! Fronted by a charismatic firecracker vocalist 'Livvy M' and backed by 'Timothy Jack' on Guitar and Synths, 'Anderson' on Bass and Drummer 'Craggle', Lupa forge the sounds of EDM, Drum and Bass, and Rock Music with raw power and furious energy. Think epic vocals, soaring synths and rocking guitar riffs, monstrous bass lines and festival-sized beats woven together with contagious hooks and anthemic choruses.‘Lupa’ translates in Latin as ‘she-wolf’; perfectly apt for this female fronted, impenetrable wolf-pack.

With a multitude of live performances under their belts, collaborations with some of the best producers and filmmakers within the industry and continued growth across a number of their social media accounts, Lupa are continuing to gain momentum and make an impact with the right demographic.

A truly innovative live band, Lupa pride themselves of the size of their sound and the energy of the performance. The stage is where Lupa really shine; the floor-shaking, roof-raising live show combines fist-in-the-air euphoria with foot-through-the-door rock music, all while getting wild to drum and bass madness! Lining up in a traditional rock band 4-piece, Lupa use cutting edge gear in pioneering ways to combine live drums and instruments with synths, live looping, performance controllers and samplers, even converting a guitar signal to control the synths. As with any Rock band, the principle of playing the music live has always been the golden rule with Lupa to ensure they remain true to their musicianship and to maintain a visually interesting live show.

Lupa are fierce controllers of their own destiny, if you want your own voice you have to use your own mind, and if the path is easy and well trodden it probably doesn’t lead anywhere good. Do not let who your are and what you have to say become diluted by the homogeneous pressures of today’s society and the assumed dependence on big industry.

Stand tall, shout loud and fight for yourself!

Lupa Are:
Livvy M – Vocals
Timothy Jack –Synths & Guitars
Anderson – Bass
Craig – Drum

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Date Friday 16 November 2018 at 22:24
Address The Water Rats, Grays Inn Road, London, UK, WC1X 8BZ
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