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At the end of 2013 in La Plata, Argentina, LYNX debuted, a band that has gained notoriety in the emerging national and international scene after the release of its self-titled LP (2014),
recorded and produced by Estudio Fantasma; the release of his single tracks titled 'Dimensión' (2015) and his recent LP 'Sobre lo profundo' (Cvra Lvdorvm, 2017), with a sound that did not leave aside the Argentine pop-rock root but that mutated, adapted and he appropriated the most trendy indie we hear today; a compositional work that takes strength and remains in the taste of the Latin audience at a rapid pace.
Lynx is an entity that renews and redefines its uniqueness in each album and reaffirms its status in the Argentine scene with notoriety in each live presentation. Being important actors of the La Plata cultural movement in the last 4 years, promoters of new talents through the "Ciclo Gomoso" and founders of the Festival Nuevos Vientos, there is no reason why they should ask what place the national artistic spectrum has, if they have understood perfect and continue to do the work that others do not dare.


Our self-titled LP (self-release, 2014) opened the doors to different media in Argentina and Spain, which led to reviews, interviews and invitations to shows. Later, at the end of that year, we released the first single + videoclip of the song 'Vía Vida', under the production of Agustina Gavagnin and Make it Two Productions, which in turn gave rise to remarkable reviews and mentions in various Spanish-speaking sites such as Indie Hoy, Diario 'El Día', De Garage magazine, Culturon.es, among many others.
Vía Vida became the single by excellence and by June 2015 was discovered by the Mexican label MYRDAL, who included us in their album 'Gold Medal', where we had the fortune to alternate with 16 other Ibero-American artists.
Among those who stand out are The Fame Riot, Iranti, My Sobrino Memo, Fortuna Night, Los Pinches Fresitas and Automático. Launch that had support from the Ajusco Festival and the Mexico Indie magazine. In mid 2015 we launched the mini-EP 'Dimension', composed of two songs and recorded in Estudio Urbano thanks to which we won a first selection in the Project Disco 2015 contest. So we could open a show for Leo García and Miss Bolivia in the Pura Vida bar. Later we received the invitation of the Mexican artist PARDO to collaboratively record the song 'Free Spirit', edited by the Mexican labels MYRDAL and SOCSUB,
and the Ecuadorian Cvra Lvdorvm. Small but relevant project that continues to open doors in Mexico.
At the end of 2016 we started working with Damasco Producciones (Buenos Aires) our second album titled "Sobre Lo Profundo".
In March of 2017 we participated in the 9th anniversary of the Pura Vida bar and in August we released the first video clip of our second album, the song that bears the name "Storm". Said video was directed by Luciano Cagliardi.


With the Ecuadorian label Cvra Lvdorvm, who has already signed us, we proudly present our second album. A bet and sound search between electronic chill out and folk / tribal environments.
Each of the songs that give life to the album generate their own environment but without leaving their totality, their interaction. The lyrics are the cornerstone of the album and its concept, formed from the spiritual strength to advance and grow as inhabitants of the world that we walk every morning and the inner world that we carry with us everywhere. We can always go further.
The album was recorded and pre-produced by Damascus, in Buenos Aires; and mastered by Justin Weis of Trakworx (San Francisco, USA).


· Festival Arte Joven 2014, municipalidad La Plata. · Massacre @ La Trastienda | Lynx como teloneros. · Leo García @ Pura Vida | Lynx.
· Festival 10 años, 10 encuentros 2014 x Cromañón.
· Festival Ida y Vuelta 2015 @ Centro Cultural 'Islas Malvinas'.
· Indie Night @ The Temple Bar · Buenos Aires.
· 9no aniversario de Pura Vida – 2017.
· Facultad de Bellas Artes (La Plata) junto a El Plan de La Mariposa – 2016.
· Kirie Music Club (Buenos Aires) – 2016.
· Fiesta Nuevos Vientos (Pura Vida) - 2016.
· Jingles para el programa radiofónico "Cubo Mágico". Radio Universidad 107.5.
· Compilado 'Emergent sound' x MUTE Magazine.


- "LYNX" - LP / 2014
- "DIMENSIÓN" - EP / 2015

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