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Lovely and laid-back, but remain engaging throughout. A promising start.

M w S is a London based duo that was formed in Italy in 2013. Their musical influences are Soul, R&B, Nu Soul artists as Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and Etta James.
The day Giulia and Francesco met in a rehearsal room in La Spezia, they ended up recording a lo-fi version of Lou Reed's 'Walk on the Wild Side'. When they listened to it, they couldn't believe it. Despite the very bad quality of the sound and the little time they've known each other (couple of hours?), there was clearly an harmony between the two.

They soon became a songwriting duo and started playing gigs around Italy and collaborating with different projects. In 2016 they met Natty Dub, a producer and beat-maker from Turin (IT) and started working on their first studio EP. At the beginning of 2017 they decided to pack their bags and moved to London (just a few days after Brexit was voted) to launch it.

Their first EP ‘Swim’ is a mix of Pop / Contemporary R&B / Nu Soul with lyrics that sometimes recall their home country. Their sound is based on beats and samples that hold up minimal soul guitar riffs and a warm, jazzy and catchy voice.

'Swim' features collaborations with Italian producers Natty Dub and Emshi, Italian Soul collective Funk Shui Project and British Nu-Soul band Retrospective for Love. The EP was supported by magazines such as Complex UK, Britz n' Beatz and more. Their latest single 'Waves' was premiered on Clash Music:

"Softly soulful, the clipped guitar lines work against those stylish vocals, the snapped lyrics chiming with that dappled Italian twilight".

In spring and summer 2017 two official videos (Cliché and Waves), directed by Spanish director Sofìa Boriosi, were released. Also, a Sofar Sounds acoustic version of Waves is available on YouTube.

In September, M w S released 'Deep Sea' a brand new song and video session shot for Unsigned Music Awards.

After receiving a great support on Spotify and playing gigs all around London, the duo is now focussing on writing the new studio album, that will be out in spring 2018.

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Date Thursday 5 October 2017 at 18:00
Address L'Escargot Restaurant, Greek Street, Londra, Regno Unito, W1D 4EF
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