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Majik are a band of two talented twenty-somethings who don’t mix ordinarily.
Don’t be fooled by their identikit beards. They lead separate lives and come from very different backgrounds. There’s Jamie: the scientist from Ayrshire – the college-trained music wizard of Logic, and the guitar. And then there’s Marcus: the artist from Marlow – the sensitive, soul-searching wordsmith turned vocalist, whose teen years of highs and lows beyond his control left him in need of a cure.
But when they do mix, when the feeling’s all right, their two worlds collide in a way that can only be described as alchemical. To date, the magic’s happened in the bedroom – in makeshift studios where they’ve managed to conjure a potion of sounds and soothing vocals that are already intoxicating the music industry and thousands of fans across social media. ‘Closer’... ‘It’s Alright’... ‘Save Me’... and their latest drop ‘Real’ are all beautifully crafted soundscapes, with radio-friendly hooks that sink deep into your psyche. A heady mix of lush chords and potent words with the power to heal.
They approach their precious time together with method, ironically born from a chance pairing as roommates in Leeds, where they grew a mutual respect for music and each other. Following a creatively numb stretch apart, it didn’t take long to rekindle the chemistry soon after in London. Marcus had always said that witnessing Jamie’s
artistry in action was some kind of magic, conjuring beauty from nothing but the silence of a room, so the band, its intent, and its name were forged.
Once uneasy, both in life and in the spotlight, Marcus has found his cure in Majik.
A self-prescription of his own bottled emotion, that he pens and performs. Like any powerful antidote, his lyrics contain a dose of what caused the pain to start with. Suffering and joy are philosophically present in equal measures, but with an economy of word and authenticity that’s as rare as unicorns in the pop world. It outs in his many journals and notebooks, which he distills into droplets of wisdom way beyond his 26 years. It’s become a sacred therapy – for both him, and his audience in turn.
Majik are mastering their craft, and are now poised to wow Europe on tour. Jamie’s gifted musicianship willingly remains at the back of the stage, the science behind the art. There’s a real sense that his experimental approach to layering sounds will transport the music and us to fantastic places in the future. Meanwhile, Marcus is learning to woo the crowds up at the front, and share the live moment with real intimacy. A talent for after class rapping at school has since matured into a velvet lead vocal, with the reassuring tone you’d expect to hear from a yogi DJ on a late-night radio station. Add a healthy measure of some ridiculously good looks, Majik – both on stage, and in the studio – are mesmeric. The extraordinary thing is that their journey’s just beginning.

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