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'Malowski are thrilling, unsettling, unpleasant, compelling and at times downright scary. Full of barely-checked aggression, straining madly at the leash of ten-tonne riffs and demented stunt vocals'
Drowned In Sound.

'Like early Idlewild fronted by Mark E Smith if he'd fronted Minor Threat and they'd read loads of existentialist literature'
Drowned In Sound

'It's as if Sonic Youth were Essex geezers, yer havin' a giraffe. An abrasive Sebadoh, Sonic Youth, Pixies adrenaline rush of a recording that threatens to go in to those almost nu-metal areas or at least the more musical violent moments of Fugazi'
Organart Magazine

Before the recent wave of Brit indie punk 'art' rock bands swept the NME, 'art' rock was being ploughed, London based Malowski, who released (on Les 'Carter USM's' indie label Spinach) a clutch of off kilter post punk with wirey guitar lines, confrontational lyrics and unconventional structures, before splitting. Well received by the fanzine press, but never to break into a mainstream obsessed by Nu Metal and the Darkness.

In the summer of 2019, the debut album 'The Desistance' was released.

The debut album by Malowski is here. The Desistance is available to pre order on July 22 on all the usual music streaming platforms. It is released on July 29. The Desistance contains tracks re-mastered from our past releases on Spinach Records, as well as some new tracks and demos.

Sterilise the apathetic dulled and senseless shit that pervades. The bands with fuck all to say, with disregard, with schmindie, with boredom. WIth no regard to provoke, educate. The lack of intelligence, the facist, sexist, bloated and ego fuelled. The numbed. With no regard, scared of educating, and politics, seams that don't meet. The dumb feeding you to make you nod like them. Because we are not scared to be shown up for thinking, because there are too many doing it the other way. Where dumb is the norm. Where its closed and coffee table. The blunted mime these others perform with fuck all to say. The strictly polish and gleam of their guitars, of their vacancy. So get up and be heard, break free from the faceless dictation, think about the messages, be confronted by difficulty.

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Date Friday 4 October 2019 at 19:00
Address Hope & Anchor, Upper Street, London, UK, N1 1RL

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