Sounds likeSnot vs Eminem, Beastie Boys vs Marilyn Manson, Rage Against the Machine vs Faith No More, Massive Attack vs Nine Inch Nails
LocationUnited Kingdom

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Manaking has been touring the UK setting audiences throughout the country a light with his unique brand of dark yet tuneful rock/rap and energy packed performance art driven live show performances. A veteran of the stage this 'Highly original & unique Concept Artist delivering uncompromising rock crossover music, rhythmic vocals & stunning live visual performances.'

With his hard hitting, powerful yet catchy music Manaking is able to fit in well to many a heavier line up as well appeasing the standard 'not know what to expect' crowd.

Guaranteed to be unlike anything you've seen or heard before this Artist and his sound is hard to categorise and will have you scratching your head trying to find a fitting and accurate description. Why? Because maybe there simply isn't one.

Truly unique. Truly not to missed. Truly added value to any shows or line ups.

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"More rock than Gibraltar"
Mr Badaxe (Band/Musician)

"Think...Beastie Boys 'meets' Marilyn Manson - Massive Attack 'meets' Nine Inch Nails - Rage Against The Machine 'meets' Faith No More - Eminem 'meets' The Sex Pistols - Snot 'meets' Operation Ivy!" - Anarchy Entertainment (Live Music Promotor)

"An aural and visual masterpiece...with depth and soul bringing to life a unique concept"
MTJ Promotions (Live Music Promotor)

"Completely captivating! Takes you to a weird and wonderful place and doesn't let go!"
The Big Dirty (Band/Musician)

"Absolutely bonkers, genius. Not seen anything like it, ManaKing is a law to himself, combining performance art with his unique brand of horror rap, you need to see this guy!"
Mishkin Fitzgerald - Bird Eats Baby (Band/Musician)

"If Manaking doesn’t leave you entertained, you’re probably dead inside"
Hana Piranha (Band/Musician)

"I have been in the business for decades and can hand on heart say I have been blown away by the absolute originality and presence Manaking has brought to our stage every time we have booked him. I used to watch him now I just watch the audience the faces of the audience!"
Mike Swan - The Spinning Top

"There's simply no-one like him"
Andrew Lane - Hana Piranha (Band/Musician)

"A completely different thing"
Dave Hills (Owner/ Trillions Rock Bar)

"Ground Breaking"

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Date Saturday 29 September 2018 at 06:19
Address TRASH, Sackville Street, Bradford, United Kingdom, BD1 2QT
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