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Sounds likeThe Stooges, The Pixies, Parquet Courts, The White Stripes, The Gories, Joy Division, and The Strokes

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We are a two piece garage rock outfit straight out of Leeds. Pulling influences from The Stooges, The White Stripes, Parquet Courts, The Strokes, Nick Cave and The Pixies, Manhattan Project consists of loose riffs and motorcade drums. They sing songs of lost lust and anthems of doom and gloom.

Since mid 2014 we have been playing gigs in our local area, including Key Club, The Library, Verve Bar and Milo. We have also spent that time building up our song catalogue and recording our first single 'Pistol Head'. Our live shows have been described as energetic and raw. We don't play with a set list, we play to the audience and our emotion. This makes every gig more unique.

Our first single Pistol Head was released in May this year. It was recorded at Green mount Studios in Leeds and mastered at Abbey Road. Pistol Head and its accompanying B-Side Deep In The Ground was recorded direct to tape using all analog equipment. Both tracks and a 3rd unreleased track were recorded, mixed and mastered in 1 day.

A recent review of our single 'Pistol Head' was published by Matthew Speer Musically Fresh:

‘Manhattan Project are another in this new wave of Two-piece popularity with their singular axe and beatable skin-set. The band are new to the game but you wouldn’t think it via their first single.

Strong bluesy-Hard Rock strings onset with a gritty and playfully aggressive Garage Rock tone, over a percussion so comfortably simplistic it wouldn’t sit any other way.

‘Pistol Head’ is driven and defiant as it sticks to the same lines and riffs and subdued yet frantic drumming. It’s a track incredibly hard to sit still to. Within moments that Blues-Rock twang is forever stuck in your head like a gritty Hard Rock parasite a bit rough round the edges quite fitting to the mysterious Pistol Head.

‘Deep In The Ground’ has been flirting with Punk and Grunge but still manages to keep the gritty Rock n’ Roll alive from the above. Its another track with ear-worminess guitar’

We are currently in the process of planning the recording of our second single and plan to have this released sometime in the near future.

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Date Wednesday 7 February 2018 at 03:16
Address Northern Guitars Cafe Bar, Call Lane, Leeds, United Kingdom, LS1 7BT
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