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Maria Marr is a singer-songwriter based in Peterborough and graduate of The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London. During her studies, Maria has explored different aspects of music such as: composing for film, learning about music production, arranging for orchestras and performing a wide range of music genres, including Blues, Jazz, Fusion, R&B, Rock and Pop.
Embracing music at a very young age by playing the violin, piano and singing, she has approached many music genres in her solo career, including Dance, Electronic and Pop. Her passion for the violin has had a rocky beginning when she was brought to tears under the pressure of playing Vivaldi, Bach and Paganini at the age of seven.
Following her mother's footsteps, who gave up her career as a singer when she was born, Maria started singing in church at the age of three and this is how her journey began. In-between going to school, playing the piano and violin, she learned how to pursue all of her dreams through discipline and determination.
Inspired by the likes of Lana del Rey and Lorde, her music takes shape whilst sitting at the piano, caught up in reflections of the past, as she strongly believes you have to allow music to come to you in a moment of emotional vulnerability.
With a passion for literature and poetry, Maria wrote her first song called 'Childhood' at the age of nine, during a transition form Primary to Secondary school. After entering her first songwriting competition at the age of 13, she competed against her mentor, a renowned singer from Bucharest and learned to overcome stage fright by appearing on National Television for the first time.
Her love for performance goes as far as the world of musical theatre, playing the part of 'Maria' in West Side Story and touring at the age of 18 with a theatre company.
Playing the violin and piano inspired her to teach the love for music, writing children's songs and organising recording sessions in local primary schools.

'If words are failing, we will let the music do the talking.' ~Maria Marr




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