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Marigold is an Indonesian band formed in the midle of 2015. The group consists of lead vocalist Bila, guitarist Ivan, bassist Ical, keyboardist Melodi and drummer Hariyo.

The band creation was first initiated by Bila who pursuade Ical and Ivan to build a pop-folk accoustic act consist of only the three of them. From this formation, a song called "Dilema" was recorded as their debut single. After being a three-man act for a while, their needs of percussions in their live performance finally made them choose to call Hariyo to fill in the drum sections. As the band plays on different stages and bringing more of the players personal influences in their music, they finally realized that a pop-folk doesn't sits right with their preferences as a band. with that thoughts in mind they finally made a decission to change their concepts as a Pop,R&B and Soul band and recruited Melodi to play the keyboard to expand their musical style and Thus, new Marigold with their current formation and concept was born.

Since the changing concept of the band, they have released a song tittled "Cerita & Arti"-which can be heard on Spotify-as a means to introduce their old listener to their new concept. The song was created by Ical and Ivan and worked together with Mahatamtama and Derry from GZZ records as their producer and music director. Marigold is curently working on their debut album and the song's lyrics will be in Indonesian and English. Their debut song in english entitled "Thension"-which they have played it on their live performances-will be released soon on online media platform.

Marigold with their current concept will be serving a colorfull music, weither from their musical aspects or their lyrics. Their colors come from their players different influences where Bila and Melodi comes from pop musics background, Ivan from blues and soul, Hariyo from R&B and funk and Ical from fusion and jazz. All those influences combined has made Marigold to have a wide variety of songs which will be served in their upcoming debut album.

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