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Mark Ashby, born 1998, is an emerging alternative- pop artist based in Lincoln, UK. Mark started making music in a rudimentary form from a very young age, developing writing and production skills. Originally, he stuck to a very acoustic, folk genre, with his music being based around his tastes of music at the time, being Alt-J, Bastille, and mainly Ben Howard.

Come. 2018/ 2019, the focus changed. Mark started developing an interest in more electronic music, buying up kit for a bedroom studio. Starting out making lo-fi beats, Mark honed in on the genre of music that he wanted to released, and generated boundary pushing alternative- pop.

In January 2019, whilst still at University, Mark released his first EP, 'sometimes her head is in a dark place', of 3 tracks, the lead track of which being 'down'. Locally, he found some praise within this release.

''People around me really liked the first EP. I tend to keep a lot of what I do on the low, so I think that most of them were just very surprised at me even releasing music.''

Come February, Mark released the Remix EP for the remixes from his first EP, containing remixes from 'illi' and 'myst3ry', and an acoustic version of 'down'. Shortly after this, he also released a new, very obscure, chill track called 'We Never Knew Where to Go'.

In terms of the future, Mark plans to release two more EPs before the end of the year, each drastically different from the last, as well as. a. multitude of singles, to broaden his listener base.

When asked about the content of his music, and what he writes about, he gave a very deep response.

''Most people say they write about issue when they have no experience of it. I think the first EP is very self explanatory from its title. Mental health is a very dark subject, but it doesn't need to be. If anything, the opposite opinion of it would help people that suffer from it, but the idea that people have to almost apologise for their problems breeds more problems, and anybody that doesn't accept or understand them, should definitely take the time to.''

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