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Mark Garai is a songwriter and recording artist who does not like talking about himself. Here are twenty six things Mark would rather do than talk about himself, where he's from or what inspires him;
1. Have a thumb war with an angry badger.
2. Count to one hundred while holding his breath in a vat of cold treacle.
3. Fight thirteen hungry coyotes whilst whistling the flute solo from "California Dreaming".
4. Non ironically read the "Twilight Series".
5. Close, open, and then close again, a door on the most vulnerable parts of all his fingers and toes. And thumbs.
6. Skydive.
7. Tell someone that they have something on their face.
8. Tell someone that their fly is undone.
9. Listen to a baby scream bloody murder on a smelly bus for an hour
10. Teach a cat how to roll over.
11. Teach a cat how to play Sudoku.
12. Teach himself how to play Sudoku.
13. Find three national landmarks that don't have graffiti on them.
14. Coach an amateur rugby team to success.
15. Travel to a foreign country with no plan whatsoever, hoping for the best.
16. Tell a relative their song is "really great" and that they should "keep at it".
17. Tell a relative that "Yes, that is my honest opinion".
18. Scavenge for food in a public bin, dressed as Mr Squiggle.
19. Try and contact aliens by sticking forks in his ears and humming without making any audible noise.
20. Do ten hot yoga classes in a row, dressed in as many clothes as Joey in that episode of Friends.
21. Clean the drains in the building where they hold the runways for Paris Fashion Week.
22. Play badminton again a Russian weighlifter in an industrial freezer wearing nothing but a Borat one piece.
23. Wear a Borat one piece.
23. Eat a Borat one piece.
24. Crush grapes for wine using his nose and elbows only.
25. Pay to watch a Marvel film.
26. Hear someone playing an out of tune guitar and not say anything. For at least thirty seconds.

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