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We are a two piece band, our sound is a weird combination of punk and post punk. We are a bassist and a drummer. Craig is on vocals and bass and Ryan is the drummer. Craig is originally from Ipswich, and Ryan is a kiwi, but claims to be half Irish, just like anyone who has had pint of Guinness.
Market Garden originally started out under a different name as a three piece. But this didn’t end well. With swelling egos, and an image to try and keep. The two of us decided to part ways with the strange guitarist, and find a new sound. One that we could both agree on.
We decided to call ourselves Market Garden, after the failed WWII operation because with the failed attempt of the previous three piece, having taken its toll, it seemed fitting. We have been inspired by Joy Division, Sleaford Mods, Slaves, Royal Blood, as well as other drum and bass driven, riff bands. Basing our melodies and riffs off some of the greats like Peter Hook, Mike Kerr and Andy Rourke.
While the drums tend to be blends of Joel Amey, Peter Tong and Taylor Hawkins.

We recorded our first E.P in July 2017 with the intention of being a post punk/indie band. However with the discovery of Craig being unable to sing, it has divulged into an aggressive, fuck you noise. Despite this we have received some glowing reviews, mainly from mates and fellow bands. The stand out comment was "not as shit as I was expecting". But you can make your own mind up. The themes of our songs are largely based off what we have experienced. They range from, getting pissed up and fighting with a Neo Nazi at a party, wrong'un ex flatmates, and the daily horrors of working in a job without any qualifications. Our plans for 2018 is to continue gigging around Auckland and hopefully bring some of our misery to the rest of New Zealand. We will also be working on some more Demo’s with some top tunes. Anyway give us a listen if you fancy it. We are on Spotify, check our Facebook page for some live videos which is much more fun than the studio record! Ta!

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Date Friday 2 February 2018 at 07:00
Address The Dogs Bollix, Newton Road, Auckland, New Zealand, 1010

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