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Sounds likeLast Shadow Puppets, Lana Del Rey, John Lennon

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Matt Portland, a young songwriter from London, is certainly one to watch over the next few months. After releasing his debut single ‘South Destruction’, accompanied with B-Side ‘As Summer Blows Away’, Portland will be releasing a string of singles before a debut EP.

The latest single ‘Secondary’ fits perfectly with his last release, with the rich sounds of strings, prominent piano and huge reverbs. Similarly, this track drew inspiration from the ballads of the late 60’s and 70’s and soundtracks from that era, attempting a modern take on the Wall of Sound. The song starts with a finger picked guitar, haunting background vocals and a guitar drone played with a slide, inspired by Morricone’s Spaghetti westerns. The piano is introduced when the first verse begins with an intimate slap back vocal before the drums kick in. The song gradually builds from the pre-chorus as the song opens up with the addition of percussion, strings and acoustic guitar. Portland continues to build the soundscape by adding and removing instruments to keep each section distinct

Matt is a solo artist who writes, produces and plays every instrument on his songs, recorded in his small home studio. He picked up his first instrument a little under 3 years ago and began writing shortly after. His songwriting style draws from a wide range of musical and literary influences. Musically he pulls from the pop music of the 60’s and 70’s, from the huge reverbs of Abbey Road to the rich strings and prominent piano ballads of Hunky Dory and Lennon’s Imagine LP. Influence also draws from writers such as Bukowski and Burroughs.

‘South Destruction by Matt Portland is full of potential'. Born Music.

'London-based songwriter Matt Portland has impressed on his debut double A-Side South Destruction/As Summer Blows Away. Portland begins both tracks with a sparsely elegant piano accompaniment alongside his caressing vocal presence. Both are fine showings from this promising artist.’ Obscure Sound.

'Every element of South Destruction blends together perfectly to create a melancholy late-night mood that would fit perfectly into many a film soundtrack.' ForTheLoveOfBands.

'It has the qualities to be a ‘wave of lighters in the air’ kind of song, where it would be a perfect last song on the set list.' Words For Music.
‘Overall, the record’s most appealing and intoxicating pull comes from the Londoner’s touching vocals, which really get under your skin with their timeless tone.’ FromSophiaWithLove.

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