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Melisandre's Beaver are a 3 piece punk band from Kent.

Named after a lengthy 'you had to be there at the time' joke from our mate Tom, Melisandre's Beaver have recently released our debut Album "If Only We Were Serious".

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“ Their full length, thierteen-track album was released on July 31st and it’s a cracker. FTS is a punk rock extravaganza.....If Only We Were Serious sets the scene with some pulsating drums, prominent bass, lyrics reminiscent of the Stiff Little Fingers classic Wait And See and music that isn’t far away from the Belfast legends – great ending to a very good album” PunkOnline.co.uk

“Ainsley might just about be the best song ever written” - Rocky Rhino Radio Show

"[That Girl] I love this no thrills, straight to the point punk rock"
"[Get Gary Out] Here we have another melodic pop punk song that will get itself lodged in your head.......I have no idea what's going on but I enjoyed the song anyway"
"[Never be that Cool] ...really relatable lyrics....it had me smiling and nodding my head throughout" - Colin's Punk Rock World.

"What you get here is a very accomplished release by a band who seem to enjoy what theyre doing. A decent and fun listen" Lights Go Out Zine. Lightsgoout.co.uk

"I love this band and hope to hear more from them very soon. For the record, Melisandre’s Beaver is just that cool!" - itsEZBreezy.com

“I have never seen such a flagrant disregard for copyright in my life. I hope Game of Thrones sue the shit out of them” - Dave, from Ashford

"Their ability to hit 350 words on an artist bio isn't half bad. It's almost as if they want to let the music do the talking but are forced to hit an arbitrary word count in a bio few people will ever read. Have you just read this? We owe you a pint or a vegan sausage roll or something x" - Dan, Melisandre's Beaver

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Date Friday 31 May 2019 at 18:00
Address The Booking Hall, Dover, UK, CT17 9FE
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