Sounds likeSyd Barrett, The La's, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Stone Roses

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Scottish rock and roll storm troopers. Arch enemies of mindless conformity and champions of freedom and individuality. Mercurial by name and mercurial by nature, our melodic songs shine and sparkle like a spiralling psychedelic pop supernova getting sucked into the plughole of an ornate bathtub sitting on the edge of a cliff next to the clinking, clanking crunchy cogs of time. Catchy melodies with unusual and bent out of shape lyrics...we're not interested in following trends or fashion. Lend us yer lugs you hopefully won't be disappointed!

We don't sound like anyone else, there might be echoes of music gone by - but simplicity and minimalism are key, we learned early on that less is more, two contrasting guitars, thunderous bass and dynamic drums. We write skewed pop songs, very catchy and melodic yet with a dark lyrical underbelly, we've been compared to The Velvet Underground, early Pink Floyd, The Smiths, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Echo & The Bunnymen and The Stone Roses amongst others, for four young men we can make a thunderous feedback laden psychobilly racket, shuffling skiffle, to tripped out spacey psychedelia, to pristine jangly pop with lyrics that can bite like a dog biting an unfortunate postman's arse. Although we use technology we don't hide behind it, all our songs can be played solo on an acoustic guitar and the magic is already there, we're pretty minimalist compared to most of our contemporaries.

When you listen to our lyrics and dig deep down, a lot of our songs despite the different subject matter, are all about taking a step back from modern day First World life and society and really sort of trying to emphasise the crucial importance of thinking for yourself and not being afraid to be yourself in the face of the shit-stem as Peter Tosh once called it. When you do that though, you kind of think "What the fuck is going on?"

We're not an "indie" band, we despise that term. We want our music to connect with people of all ages from all walks of life. We want our songs to soundtrack people's lives from the cradle to the grave...hopefully our music saves.

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Date Sunday 24 June 2018 at 17:00
Address Ivory Blacks, Oswald Street, Glasgow, UK, G1 4PL

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