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Michael is a guitarist and a music composer born in 1988. Michael´s music is influenced by a wide range of artists, from the harmony of Jordan Rudess of Dream Theatre to the technique of Kiko Loureiro of Angra and Megadeth, from the complexity and classical approach of Michael Pinnella to the riffs and drum grooves of metal core bands such as August Burns Red or As I Lay Dying. When listening to Michael, you can sense a touch of Arch Enemy´s melodic death metal or even feel some of Lamb of God´s groove metal vibe.

Technical aspects such as, for example, guitar dense tuning in C, Periphery´s and Meshuggah´s tension chords with agressive distortion (with its 13, 9, or 11 tensions, which are also used in jazz music) and their dissonant sound or their song structure going from 4/4 to 7/8 or 5/8 bars have played a key role in Michael´s actual music style.

Now, there is no doubt that Michael´s favorite artist is and has been Zakk Wylde, since the day he listened to Ozzy Osbourne´s No More Tears, when he was in his early 20´s. then came Dreamer. He had listened to Randy Rhoads in Crazy Train and was blown away by it but the thing with Zakk was beyond just music, “I was fascinated not only by his musical resources such as the best bend i´ve seen, his use of the pentatonic scale with blues notes, his chicken picking and his legato technique, but also by his look, his aesthetic. His Viking look with his beard like a Nordic warrior impacted me and I just knew I wanted to be like him someday…” Michael says.
Michael´s actual technique has alternative picking, legato, bends, taping, arpeggios, sweep picking, modal interchange, change between time bars and the use of the Hirajoshi scale. “I like to be musical more than virtuoso, I prefer feeling over complexity” Michael states.

Michael grew up listening to colombian folklore music (such as vallenato and cumbia) and in his childhood he was planning to become a lawyer or a doctor, until the day he listened to Led Zeppelin for the first time. That band made such a difference in his life that he realized he wanted to be an artist. He was 14. He loved Robert Plant´s voice but Jimmy Page went on to be his hero. He identified himself with him in such a way, he decided he should try playing the guitar himself.
He dedicated full time (after school) on his endeavour and forgot about social life. All he cared about was his guitar (which he self taught). He started looking for new music as a challenge to be a better musician and at age 15 he discovered the sound of metal, in bands like Stratovarius and also symphonic rock and its classical structure.
As a matter of fact, it was Yngwie Malmsteen´s Black Star that marked a point in his life as a guitarist by realizing that when it came to music, he was more into the music itself than the lyrics. By that time, he started composing his first songs, which he used to record in a journalist recorder. Over time, Michael became more technical as he kept studying his instrument and with hard work and dedication, he finally made what he felt was his first real song. He named it Fountain of Life which was to become part of and even name his debut album, 12 years later, which by the way was released on all digital stores in August 6th 2017.
By the time he was 18 he got a hold of a Symphony X album and was blown away immediately by the track Egypt. Michael was now into progressive metal. Then came Dream Theatre with Overture 1928. At this point, he decided to make an instrumental album and these two bands became the foundation of Fountain of Life, as they influenced his musical side.

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