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Michael Sheldon is a singer/songwriter hailing from The Wirral but currently based in London. His debut album 'Terella' was released earlier this year including songs written for some of Michael's former bands; San Harbor and The Last Shanty as well as his own purely solo material.

The songs have been written spanning nearly two decades from the carefree years growing up as a teen by the seashore on The Wirral, to the incredible hardship and loss from operational tours in Afghanistan with the Royal Marines Commandos. They cover the highs and the lows from life in the forces to starting afresh in civvi street and every stepping stone along the way. Michael wrote all the songs on the album, with the only exception being 'See Me Fly' written by Michael's brother Sam. The pair performed the song together as part of the 5 piece band; The Last Shanty before Sam moved away to Australia. The whole album has been recorded, including extra instrumental and guitar sections, and produced, by Michael himself.

'Terella' by Michael Sheldon can be heard in full on Band Camp and on Spotify.

More recently Michael has released a music video to accompany the fifth track on the album 'Set Sail' Everything seen in the video was painted by hand in acrylic paint on paper and painstakingly animated over several months using stop motion video.

From 2009, whilst spending time between camp in the Royal Marines and at home, Michael performed as part of the 4 piece and later 5 piece band; San Harbor. The band frequented the Liverpool scene, playing regularly at The Zanzibar as well as many other venues supporting acts including finger style master of guitar, Andy McKee (oddly the band were asked to play following Andy and proceeding to thank Andy for coming all the way from America to support them) San Harbor also supported Liam Tyson of Cast whilst he performed with Men From Mars. San Harbor recorded an E.P. and later added more recordings following the introduction of a keyboard player. San Harbor later split with Michael, drummer Tom Longman and lead guitarist Richard Barbour reforming as The Last Shanty; with Rich Triggs joining on bass and for a short time Sam Sheldon joining on vocals and guitar. The band performed live sporadically with Michael starting a new job out of the marines doing maritime security, this meant he was away for long periods of time. Since moving to London, The Last Shanty have made the effort to meet and perform live at least once per year including performing at the last two West Kirby Live festivals. In the last year Michael has began performing solo gigs around London and on Merseyside, taking the jump from performing as part of a band.

In 2013 Michael wrote a comedy music album for the Royal Marines, it is filled with Jack speak known only to Bootnecks (Royal Marines) and Matelots (Royal Navy). It was written and recorded on various ships with just a mobile phone and any guitar he could find onboard. One of his favourite guitars being a fake Yamaha which was called a Yemaha that had only 5 rusted strings, this was used on the song called Ice Pigs. Every month 20% of all album profits is donated to Help Our Wounded Royal Marines and Supporting Arms. The album has become a big success within the Royal Marines world with one song racking up 20k hits for one Youtube. Although he has been asked to perform the album live all around the country Michael has decided against it so far but won't rule it out in future for a charitable event.

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