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Russian invasion into the world of English-language rock music, the brit pop’s new wave - melodic ballads, infectious "rock-actions" resonating with sounds of THE BEATLES, THE ROLLING STONES, OASIS, BLUR and other cult English bands. MILKMANN's music fuses guitar drive, ingenious arrangements and cutting edge electronics.

The group was organized in 2012 in Moscow by school friends - songwriter Max Medalye and lead singer Fedor Shirokov. The band's name was originally inspired by "Milky" - a little milk carton from Blur's "Coffee & TV" music video. Deeply inspired by the whole Bripop movement, guys wondered why there could be no other band as influential as those big stars from the 90s Britain. So they've got a dream to reinvigorate the power of music and bring it back the legacy it actually deserves. After spats, kisses, wars, peace, battles and reconciliations, a tight live act and a productive music band was eventually born. Throughout MILKMANN's existence, they have developed a certain style so reminiscent of the 90s jolly vibes while still genuine and original in the 21st century. Over this period, MILKMANN's perfectly proved themselves at Russian and foreign festivals and performed as a warm-up group at the BRAINSTORM band’s gig in Moscow.

The main principle of the band is to keep the audience constantly involved and to show people around the world that guitar music is not just about holding guitars in hands and doing nothing with them while turning on a synthesizer somewhere on stage for it to do all the job. MILKMANN's are about energy, music and true inspiration. "Form over substance" is a malady of the modern music scene that is to be treated. Good songs for good people - that's what it all should be about.

In 2017, MILKMANN'S got signed by Zabiyaka Records, an independent record label ran by Denis Zabiyaka. At the moment MILKMANN'S are working on their debut album in collaboration with renowned producers Demian Kurchenko and Max Homich. In the very near future, the MILKMANN'S first EP will be released.

MILKMANN's Line-up:

Fedor Shirokov - vocals
Max Medalye - vocals, guitars, keyboards, main songwriter
Pavel Ignatov - guitars, backing vocals
Kirill Volchenkov - bass guitar
Gleb Sazhin - drums, percussion

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