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MMIV are an Essex born band headed by young songwriter Max Rawdon.

Striving to toe a line between the astute lyrical influence of bands such as the 1975, LCD Soundsystem and the Streets, as well as the melodic construction of now-classic songwriters - The Beatles, Paul Simon and Noel Gallagher for example - MMIV are an ambitious band, designed to be a friend of those who invest.

With a large range of influences, the statements of MMIV are back-dropped by soundscapes as varied as the Talking Heads inspired 'Love' and 'Why Don't You Try', the cinematic and daydream-esque 'Last Exit', the jarring keyboard of 'Street Smarts', or the raw acoustic sound of the band's only current release 'National Express'.

MMIV made their debut release in the form of a 'One Mic / One Take' video for the band's single 'National Express', written by Rawdon "two years ago" at the age of the 16, and posted to the band's Youtube page. Another single - 'Street Smarts' - is set to be released in this same style in the upcoming weeks, while the band work on creating Demos and B sides in order to supplement these releases. The aim of the band at this stage is to create "grassroots" support, through sharing their videos and playing gigs in and around Leeds, where the band is currently situated.

Growing up in the suburban outreach of London has had a significant impact on the music of MMIV, with Rawdon claiming to "often just write about life as (he) knows it". National Express sees Rawdon reflect on the boredom, but also the joys of suburban life and relationships, nodding to Definitely Maybe in stating that 'these could be the best days of our lives', while in Street Smarts, Rawdon questions whether he's ever met a 'street wise man' at all, while rattling through the inevitable confusion of discovering drugs, being in relationships, and building one's future.

As yet unsigned and undiscovered, MMIV hope to gain traction with the internet and gain a platform with which to spread their music further than 'our friends from home'.

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